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Liberal Democratic Party Medical Industry Branch

The Medical Industry Branch, as an occupational branch of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan, was established for the purpose of conveying the voices of those engaged in the medical industry to the Diet members and the government, and to reflect them in policy making.

The medical industry has been characterized by a large number of medical professionals, mainly doctors and nurses, and organizations of qualified medical professionals.

It may not be an exaggeration to say that most Japanese people are involved in the medical and welfare fields, including patients and their families.
I hope to share with many people the viewpoints of such many people and think about the state of this country, the state of the community, the government system, and the state of medical care and welfare in the country, not in terms of specific professions, but what is appropriate for the 100-year age of life.

We also seek to support and educate not only adults but also children for their future, as well as to pursue a gender-less society.

We look forward to your participation as we work together to create a new sustainable society.

LDP-approved Medical Industry Branch

Liberal Democratic Party of Japan Chiba Medical Industry Branch 50 party members
Liberal Democratic Party Medical Industry Branch Newly established 1,000 party members (end of June, 2004)
Member of the House of Representatives, Liberal Democratic Party Hiromichi Watanabe (current Liberal Democratic Party Accounting Bureau Director / former Minister of Reconstruction) Tokyo Supporters' Association Office / Uchisaiwaicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Liberal Democratic Party Medical Industry Branch Board Member

Chairman Takamasa Sakai RICHEBOND Inc.   CEO
Member of the House of Representatives Hiromichi Watanabe Supporter's Association Chariman
Senior Advisor Kazuhiko Muto Member of the House of Representatives Toshihiro Nikai Tohoku Supporter's Federation Chariman
Chairman's secretary Hirokazu Hasegawa RICHEBOND Inc. Board member
Chairman's secretary Yutaka Nagai Eio-kai Medical Corporation Acting director
President's office manager Kazuhiro Nagi Choshin-kai Medical Corporation President
Branch Chief Nobumasa Ohmori Tatsuoka-kai Medical Corporation Board chairman
Branch Chief Agent Takeshi Ueda Tokyo Bishoku Labo Inc. Vice president
Branch Chief Agent Yohei Ishizuka Co-Founding Yuying School corporation Board chairman
Head of the secretariat Keisuke Fukui EdMuse Inc. Representative director
Head of the secretariat agent Shinji Yano Saint Luke Clinic Medical Corporation President
Secretary Katsuhiko Matsuzaki Professor, Osaka University of Tourism
Secretary Oumi Kasakawa Representative Director of Tokyo Gastronomy Labo Co., Ltd.
Secretary Chisuke Kitagawa Doctor

1000 party members

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